The Quick Start Guide to Geocaching

February 16, 2013 geolovers Geocaching Books

Looking to inject a little excitement into your life? How about a real-life treasure hunt?

Geocaching is a world-wide phenomenon where people just like you are hunting for hidden items, called “caches”, sometimes in your own neighborhood!

Find your own little surprise in your own town.  Or if you wish, learn how you can do it on your next holiday as well.

The Quick Start Guide to Geocaching gives you what you need to begin your treasure hunting trip, as soon as an hour!

In this guide, you’ll learn:geocaching books

  • What Is Geocaching?
  • What Geocaching Rules to Follow
  • What Geocaching Supplies Will You Need?
  • Is Geocaching for Kids?
  • What to Look for in Geocaching GPS Devices
  • Do You Need Geocaching Software?
  • What Are Geocaching Logs?
  • How Internet Plays a Role in Geocaching
  • Why Geocaching is Great for the Entire Family

Whether you intend to go on your own or with your family, this is a fun activity that will literally grow on you.  Discover why people all around the world are getting in on this modern, high-tech treasure hunt today!  Download it here!

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