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February 22, 2013 geolovers Geocaching Logs

One of the things an avid geocacher will want is a good Geocaching log book to bring along during their adventures.  Geocaching logs are for recording those details during a geocaching trip.

So, what possible adventures will you record?

Let’s look at what some people recorded during their geocaching…

This was a person who took a shortcut through the woods and ending up falling off a cliff!:

An early morning hike and cache that went very wrong. Originally thought somehow that the trail to this was off of the main road: another lesson for me to read the logs first that I won’t soon forget this time. I decided to try to orient my way down to the cache from the main road (my first mistake in judgement.) When I got near the cache, I tried to work my way along a steep slope, (my second and REALLY bad mistake in bad judgement.) The earth gave way and I wound up sliding down the slope about 10 feet, and then there was no more slope! I fell another 15 or 20 feet after that onto loose earth. I sled down feet first with my front against the slope. I landed hard, but was fortunate not to break anything. My back was (is) VERY SORE , but my legs were not hurt at all, and after a few minutes of taking stock of myself (First Aid training came in REAL handy today!) I knew with confidence that I could walk out even if I found no help along the way, which proved to be the case. It took me 2 searches to find my glasses, which made me feel even better. The sore muscles made breathing a pain and I tried to limit myself to short shallow breaths. I must have taken about 3 hours to slowly walk out back to the car parked at the gate from the cache, with lots of stops that didn’t do much to make my back feel better. At the end, I walked along with both hands pressing against my lower back to try to support the aching muscles.
Otherwise the walk was beautiful. Amazing how you can still appreciate a beautiful day in the woods when you are hurting ….
The show must go on: despite (or maybe because of) the pain, I still went up to the cache and took the Jeep Travel Bug. However, I did pass on taking pictures ….
The rest of the day has been spent laying in the tub in hot water or laying on the back porch couch with a heating pad under my back. Wearing the back brace helps me get about.

How about this one involving a wedding proposal:

I just bought my Etrex legend cx gps recently for my bass boat. When I bought it, a guy at work told me about geocaching and ever since then I have been hooked. My girlfriend of 5 years and I go out EVERY chance we get, we are up to 28 geocache’s already in basically a month… anyways, I have been thinking of a way to propose for a while now. just before easter my girlfriend was going home to sault ste marie and I was not going with her, she does not get to go home very often.. maybe once every year and a half or so….. so I decided this is the time to do it, before she goes home..

The day before she left it was raining like crazy!! and I begged her to go geocaching, finally she gave in and out we went in the rain geocaching, a week before this I had already bought her an engagement rind, and camouflaged the box and put a geocaching sticker on the box. … when we got to our geocache it was kinda a hard cache to find. … so as she was trucking through the bush, I hid the box and gave her “clues” to the geocache, and finally she found the box… so I got on my knee and as she opened it and looked over at me I proposed…

As you can see above, there are many different, sometimes truly bizarre things that happen during trips.  You never know what to expect on your next encounter.  And if you don’t record it right there and then, you might forget so there is nothing like a little journal that keeps those memories safe.

The features of this log book include:

  • Record up to 80 geocaches
  • 3″ x 5″ Size, 160 pages – highly portable and easy to keep in the pocket
  • Spiral bound, hard-cover – durable and protects your journal

How Do You Use It

What you’ll discover is that the log book will fill up very fast.  Geocaching is highly addictive as many people will attest.  In order to save space for those extra special memories, it is advised by users that you only use it for the memorable ones you want to record.  The log provides spaces for you to fill in precious memories from each geocache adventure so you never miss recording any details.

Should You Get One?

To answer this question, it really depends on what value you place on your memories.  This is one of the reasons why we take photos and videos of events and places we visit.  This is also true of geocaching as you’ll find (if you don’t know so already).  Recording it with a journal will preserve those memories for a long time to come.

What Others Have Discovered

Here are what other say about this little gem of a log book:

As automated as the hobby of geocaching can be, there is something nostalgic and comforting about a pencil and paper journal. I ordered extras as I fear for their availability.
— DOCSpanky,

I love this little journal! It’s easy to carry while geocaching, and has 2 pages for each find. It keeps all the standard information (cache name, coords, etc.), but also has room for notes and comments, so you can keep track of interesting things that happened while caching. After a full day of caching, things all start to run together – this journal allows me to keep notes so I don’t forget any of the memorable details of a caching expedition.
— Debbi,

This is the best paper log book ever. We have ordered two now. Love to fill out our adventures caching.
— Shore_Diver,

This makes a perfect gift for any geocacher and is a great gift to give yourself too.  If you are starting out or are an avid geocacher already, you owe yourself this log book.

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